Take Your Dinner Bowls To The Next Level: Make Them Edible

The newest trend in kitchens and on dinner tables everywhere is the edible  bowl. Entertaining is a strenuous job that (most of the time) leaves your kitchen cabinets empty of clean bowls, plates, and utensils, and fills your sink with dirty dishes galore. However, with the newest edible bowl craze, fueled by Tumblr blogs and "bread bowl" soup packaging in restaurants like Panera, there is now a way to avoid a mess after a night of entertaining.

Here are 6 Edible Bowl Creations You Can Serve Up This Summer!

Consider serving BBQ-filled "meat shot glasses" at your football party this  summer, or pour your iced coffee creation in a "balloon-made chocolate cup" that you can munch on after your beverage.

The possibilities are truly endless. Not only are edible bowls fun ways to serve meals, but they are generally easy to make, and will leave quite an impression on your guests. And since the bowls are edible, you won't have to worry about a pile of dishes in your sink.

Edible bowls can be used for any meal of the day — from breakfast to dinner and dessert. These 6 dishes are some of our summer favorites for all your hosting throughout the season!