Tailgating Guide, New Orleans Style

Ralph Brennan creates a guide on how to host an ultimate New Orleans tailgate

Ralph Brennan's signature bbq oysters.

What we love about New Orleans food isn’t a secret: It's fiery, it's hearty and it's passionate. And many Americans feel pretty much the same way about football. So it is only natural to assume that they coincide. But how exactly do you host a tailgate inspired by the soulful city of New Orleans?

New Orleans restaurateur Ralph Brennan knows how — and wants you to know, too! The third-generation native New Orleans restaurateur has an impressive background. He owns six tasty venues all in the heart of Southern Louisiana. Brennan created the Ultimate New Orleans Tailgate Guide,  a 15-page online booklet filled with authentic local dishes and flavors from his NOLA establishments.

Readers will get delicious recipes like Creole jambalaya, alligator sausage gumbo, and crystal hot wings. But wings and gumbo aren’t all that's in store. There are also boozy banana Foster mini cupcakes, king cake, and tons of drink recipes. All these recipes will help you enjoy Brennan's motto, "NOLA BRED, NOLA FED!"

Brennan designed this booklet for fans to enjoy free of charge — he’s just looking to send out some authentic NOLA love to football fanatics. Talk about Southern hospitality!


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