Tailgating Checklist: General Essentials For Every Tailgate

You've been waiting all year to bust out your jersey and gas up your trailer for another year of football frenzy. You've got the perfect lot spot, a great crew, and a few good brews to get the party started. But a good tailgate doesn't just have killer recipes and a large group of fans. Hosting the ultimate game-day tailgate takes planning and a ton of necessities.

If you brought beers to the game but forgot those publically approved red cups, or if you made a delicious macaroni salad but didn't leave enough room in the cooler, your tailgate can go from top to flop. As you get ready for another great season of making fabulous memories, take a peek at our checklist to be sure you're ready to take your tailgate to the next level.

The Daily Meal's Tailgating Checklist:

□ Tins and Sternos for hot food
□ Containers
□ Grilling utensils
□ Fuel for the grill
□ Fire extinguisher
□ Oven mitt
□ Lawn/beach chairs
□ Two folding tables (for serving and eating)
□ Trash bags
□ Disposable tableware
□ Proper clothing and spare clothing
□ First aid kit
□ Matches/lighters
□ Jumper cables
□ Coolers
□ Radio/portable TV
□ Sunblock
□ Batteries
□ Water
□ Tents/canopies
□ Ponchos for inclement weather
□ Plastic tarp
□ Bottle opener/corkscrew
□ Can opener
□ Aluminum foil
□ Binoculars
□ Bug spray
□ Generators /power supplies