Tailgate Tweet-Off: Which College Football Rivals Throw The Best Tailgates?

Texas versus Oklahoma. Alabama versus Auburn... They've have run the plays a million times, they're psyched up, and dead set on a win. All the action is out on the field. Or is it?

Tailgating is as American a pastime as apple pie, muscle cars, and, well, football. The magic of it comes from the fans that show up with brats, beers, and grills, at 6 a.m. to set up for the big game. They bring extra face paint, buy jerseys in every size for all family members, and own an RV for the sole purpose of transporting all this to the field.

Students and alums, friends and family — everyone comes together to yell, cheer, eat, and drink in support of their team, and all before noon. But who does it the best? Which school throws the tailgate to surpass all the others? Which tailgate would fans almost switch teams for just because the spread looks so delicious?

We're pitting college football's most classic rivals against each other in the ultimate tailgating competition. No throwing around the pigskin here, we're putting tailgate up against tailgate to decide who makes the best grub, who concocts the cleverest cocktails, and, in the end, who has the best pre-game party.

Join us (@thedailymeal) on Monday, August 29th at 1 p.m. EST for a live Twitter chat to give us your two cents on which school knows best. The hashtag will be #tailgatetweetoff and, if you come out in full force, you'll help us declare the ultimate tailgate rivalry winners.