Tacos El Bronco: Mexican Done Right

Mexican Done Right

With a taste (and price) unrivaled anywhere in Manhattan, these tacos are no joke

When you’re looking for food that’s authentic of any culture, you go where people of said culture tend to flock, right? So if you’re looking for Mexican food in NYC, there’s one place you know you’ll hit that jackpot: the neighborhood of Sunset Park. The variety of Mexican eateries here is a bit overwhelming, with a mix of the good and the bad, but word-of-mouth and research directed me to Tacos El Bronco, a sit-down location known for its popular taco truck that roams the area late at night.

I’m big on Mexican food, and not picky about tacos at all – authentic or not, I really just care about whether or not it’s good. I also don’t really feel like paying top dollar for tacos when I know that a really good taco can be made with a scant amount of money, and that’s something Tacos El Bronco gets right.

Here, small tacos are a mere $1.50 each, and the regular tacos ring in at $2.75 and come with stuffed with guacamole that’s already included, a miracle practically unheard of in NYC. Offered with a variety of meats not normally offered at your typical taco joint, we went for a mix of chicken, roast pork, and pork stomach, which we drizzled with their addicting sauces offered at the table. With a taste (and price) unrivaled anywhere in Manhattan, these tacos are no joke – if these tacos were on a late-night truck in my neighborhood, I’d be about 20 pounds heavier and you’d probably know where I’d be on any post-bar weekend night.

Huaraches were unavailable, so we went for steak sopes ($8 for 3) as an appetizer, which were brimming with beans, cheese, meat, and salsa – which I’m still thinking about now, a few weeks after the meal, so that’s probably a good sign. Horchata seems to be hit or miss in the city, with the latter like a sugar bomb, but that’s not the case here – you can actually distinguish a rice taste.

The place slowly got packed on a Sunday afternoon, understandably, with a mix of what seemed to be locals plus people like me, who had traveled fairly far just for tacos – but with a two-taco plate for each, plus an appetizer and drink, and the entire delicious meal totaling at less than $20, there’s no such thing as too far for a meal like this.

37th St (5th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11232