Taco Bell Orange Cream Pop Freeze Is a Creamsicle in a Cup

That summery blend of orange and vanilla is now a slushy drink
Orange Freeze
Taco Bell

Maybe you call it a Creamsicle, a Dreamsicle, or a 50/50 bar. Whoever first introduced orange to vanilla deserves some kind of tastemaker Academy Award. The two flavors blend beautifully in frozen ice-cream treats, and now you can order one in drink form. Head to Taco Bell and request the Orange Cream Pop Freeze, now back on the menu.

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The Mexican fast-food chain knows that orange and vanilla punch all your nostalgia buttons, and paints a picture of childhood days and hot summer afternoons, all made better by orange-vanilla icy treats.

“What if we told you that you don’t have to chase down random ice cream trucks anymore?” the restaurant’s website asks. “Behold the new Orange Cream Pop Freeze. It fully delivers on that famous refreshing orange and vanilla cream flavor in a magical way that only your friends at Taco Bell can provide. Want more good news? You can drink your Orange Cream Pop Freeze with a straw, quietly, without the sound of circus music reverberating in the background.”

A regular-size drink is 130 calories and sells for $2.39, and a large is 160 calories and sells for $2.59. They’re available for a limited time only, so crank up those childhood memories soon if you intend to try one.

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