taco bell cravings value menu
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s New Cravings Value Menu Has Tons of Grub for Just $1

We stan cheap fast food
taco bell cravings value menu
Courtesy of Taco Bell

$1 burritos, say what?

Your next trip through the drive-thru just got a lot cheaper. At the end of the month, Taco Bell will launch a new Cravings Value Menu with items ranging from $1 to $5. Some may look familiar to fans because they were previously launched as part of the chain’s commitment to roll out 20 new menu items for just a dollar.

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The tacos and burritos section will include the spicy potato soft taco, cheesy bean and rice burrito, and beefy Fritos burrito. A specialty category on the menu lists triple-layer nachos, a cheesy roll-up, a spicy tostada, a shredded chicken mini quesadilla and a beefy mini quesadilla. Cinnamon twists and Cinnabon delights are available for dessert.

The $5 offerings are both box deals. The Chalupa Supreme Box comes with a Chalupa Supreme (obviously), a crunchy taco, a beefy five-layer burrito, cinnamon twists and a medium drink. The Grande Burrito Box contains a Three Cheese Nacho Grande Burrito, nacho cheese Doritos Locos tacos, a crunchy taco, cinnamon twists and a medium drink.

For a limited time only, the Tex-Mex giant will also offer the Grande Burrito in two varieties for just a buck each. The first is Chicken Enchilada, which features seasoned rice, reduced fat sour cream and cheddar cheese, and the second is Three Cheese Nacho built with beef, nacho cheese sauce, red tortilla strips, reduced-fat sour cream and a three cheese blend.

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Taco Bell’s Cravings Value Menu will go into effect starting December 27. Offering value menus to get customers to visit more often is just one of the 10 crazy secrets fast food chains don't want you to know.