Taco Bell Employee Spots Own Stolen Car in Drive-Thru

A Taco Bell employee saw his own car through the drive-thru window


A Taco Bell employee was stunned to see his own car pulling up to the drive-thru window.

A Taco Bell employee who dropped his car off at the dealership to be serviced was surprised to see it a few hours later when the mechanics who were supposed to be fixing it drove it through his drive-thru.

According to ABC News, last week a Taco Bell employee named Randy Jones dropped his car off at a Nissan dealership to be serviced, then went on to his shift at the restaurant. A few hours later, however, Jones was at the drive-thru when he saw his own Nissan 350Z pull up to the speaker and place an order. Two of the dealership’s mechanics had allegedly taken Jones’ car out for an illicit spin and decided to pick up some tacos on the way, not expecting to run into the car’s owner in the drive-thru.

"I was just livid in my mind, you know, having something like that happen to you," Jones said. "My heart was racing because I'm like I'm not paying them nearly $300 just to drive from Riverside to Moreno Valley in my vehicle."


Jones was furious, and the dealership manager said both mechanics have since been fired for their Taco Bell run. Jones’ vehicle was taken to a different dealership and serviced for free by way of apology.