Summer Milkshakes for the Whole Family

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My milkshake brings... all the tastiness to the blender?
Summer Milkshakes for the Whole Family

Cool down with these classic sweet treats.

While our out-and-out milkshake favorite is the classic chocolate milkshake, in the summertime, we love taking advantage of all the farmers markets with their great, fresh produce, so our favorite summer milkshakes involve seasonally available fruit (what, did you think we were going to say kale? Save the green stuff for smoothies and indulge yourself!).

All of our milkshake recipes can be doctored a little bit to get a touch healthier; if you’re considering healthy milkshake options, however, try using low-fat milk, coconut milk, or almond milk in place of whole milk, and consider adding some low-fat frozen yogurt to your blends in place of all the ice cream: the flavors will still be rich and delicious, and the blend is more sustainable. If you want to treat yourself, however, these classic milkshakes are still the very best.

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We’ve talked before about the most scrumptious places in America to sip a classic milkshake, so check out one of these great shops if you’re feeling a little less DIY. Should you want to cool down with your own homemade sweet treats, however, have we got you covered — You’ll be the household hero when you make our decadent Oreo milkshake, our warm-weather-friendly strawberry milkshake, the playful Rice Krispies square milkshake (trust us on this one) and the banana milkshake (pretend you’re at the Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand!).