Subway Testing Chicken Sandwich With Fritos

The Crunchy Chicken Enchilada Melt is currently in development and testing in Florida and Seattle according to the Huffington Post, and it isn't at a Taco Bell. Subway is partnering with Frito-Lay to incorporate Fritos into its sandwiches with a Mexican twist.

Subway took a page out of Taco Bell's book (read: the Doritos Locos Tacos), using Frito-Lay products to add a new aspect to its food. The new Subway melt will reportedly have chicken, enchilada sauce, Monterrey cheddar cheese, and Fritos, according to Food Beast.

This move surprises many, as Subway has prided itself on being an icon of healthy eating, sporting the likes of Olympic athletes and the famous Jared. Fritos aren't exactly a health food, but Subway hopes to bring more inventive options to its menu with the enchilada melt.

As the New York Daily News put it, "the diet-conscious chain appears to be encouraging a cheat day. Since it's still in the testing stage, there hasn't been any final announcement about if and when it will hit stores nationally.