Step-By-Step: Fried Ice Cream

Learn how to make fried ice cream at home
Step-By-Step: Fried Ice Cream

Serve your fried ice cream with your favorite sundae toppings.

Scoop your favorite ice cream into balls and place them on a plate or cookie sheet in the freezer. Cover the scoops of ice cream with plastic wrap and allow them to freeze for one hour.

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Dip the frozen balls of ice cream into a mixture of heavy cream and vanilla extract. You could also use full-fat coconut milk.

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Then, roll the balls of ice cream into crushed up corn flakes or puffed rice cereal.

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Put the cereal-coated balls of ice cream in the freezer for another hour, covered with plastic wrap. After one hour, dip them into the cream and cereal again, allowing them to freeze for one full hour for a third time.

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Fry the frozen, cereal-coated ice cream balls in 375-degree oil (either in a deep fryer or in a pot on the stove) for a few seconds until golden brown.

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Top the fried ice cream with whipped cream or sundae sauce and serve immediately.

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