'Steak Jamz' Should Be on Repeat in Every Man Cave or Steakhouse, Forever

This hilarious commercial sells '20 mouthwatering tracks' to eat your steak to

If the proliferation of high-end food lineups at music festivals doesn't convince you of the music-food marriage, perhaps this will. Presenting "Steak Jamz," a compilation album of 20 steak-inspired songs to amp up your steak-eating experience.

The track list? "The First Cut Is the Deepest," from Rod Stewart, for starters, plus "Hungry Heart," from Bruce Springsteen, and "Let It Bleed" courtesy of the Rolling Stones.

Of course, this commercial below is all sorts of hilarious, which means it's fake, but you can still get in on the meat-loving music action over on the sham website (where a Spotify playlist helpfully fulfills your Steak Jamz fix). There are enough jams for a friendly steak-fest, or a romantic dinner for two ("Hungry Eyes" from Eric Carmen). And if you're vegetarian? Well, there's always this.

Check out the infomerical below, with plenty of food porn-ish shots of people eating bites of steak. Our favorite so far? "Steak Face," from Louis Armstrong. Not in the commercial, but definitely in the playlist.