Starbucks Raises Prices on Clover Coffee

This time, they're hiking up the price of their Clover-brewed Sumatra coffee

In January, Starbucks decided to raise its prices in the Northeast and Sunbelt regions, and we were hoping that meant another price hike would be far, far away. But it looks like they're changing prices on us yet again.

Boston Business Journal reports that the giant coffee chain has increased the prices of their Clover-brewed coffee by 40 cents. The hike went in effect March 6 with no announcement.

"This was the first price increase for Clover since its introduction in 2008. We incur higher costs associated with procuring and by-the-cup brewing of these very rare coffees," Starbucks told Boston Business Journal.

So now, a "grande" French Roast will cost $2.65 instead of $2.25, and a "short" Sumatra coffee will cost $2.15 instead of $1.75.

Even considering that it's just 40 cents, the price hike is still incredibly large; a short Sumatra coffee is now nearly 23 percent more expensive. Sure, it's not a $23.60 drink, but at least that one was a trenta.