Starbucks Lowering Its Bagged Coffee Prices

Get $1 off a 12-ounce bag of coffee

Starbucks has lowered the prices on its bagged coffees.

Good news, frugal Starbucks lovers: you'll now be able to get Starbucks' bagged coffees for a little cheaper than you're used to. 

The Associated Press reports that the $9.99 bags of coffee (both whole beans and ground) will now be sold for $8.99. The move is to stay competitve in the industry with commodity costs and increase the company's product sales, says the AP, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll see a lower price. By saying that the new price is a "suggestion," retailers have the freedom to charge whatever they want for their products. So, don't count on it always being $8.99. 

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And of course, the new prices on bagged coffee don't affect the prices of coffee drinks. So while you'll save a buck on bagged coffee, you're still free to buy $7 cups of coffee (or $48.20 coffee drinks, if you're so inclined).