'Star Wars' Fans, Geek Out: This R2-D2 Birthday Cake Comes With A Hologram

We're pretty sure our 6-year-old birthday cake was a store-bought rectangle cake with icing writing that messed up our names (don't get us wrong, we loved that stuff), but this 6-year-old has got it made.

YouTuber mfsamuel made and built this three-dimensional R2-D2 birthday cake, complete with blue and white frosting (and almost life-sized, when compared to the kids). Even better? It projects a hologram of Princess Leia explaining the situation. Star Wars fans, proceed to geek out.

The problem, it seems, is that the 6-year-olds don't even seem to appreciate it. "What is this?" they can be heard saying in the video, while another kid just wants to see the camera. So unappreciative. Give that to us any day and we'd be all over that.

Watch the cake do its thing below (as "Happy Birthday Alexander" makes the credits). It seems like Alexander understood the significance of the cake, at least. Now just get the other kids to do a movie marathon and you're set.