Sri Lankan Cuisine: What Is It and How to Make It

Recipes and a video interview on what makes Sri Lankan cuisine unique
Sri Lankan Cooking

Chicken Curry

Full of exotic spices, Sri Lankan cuisine is characterized by vivid colors and strong smells. As it is an underrepresented cuisine, in comparison to Indian or other South Asian cuisines, S.H. Fernando Jr., author of Rice & Curry: Sri Lankan Home Cooking, took it upon himself to educate readers about the flavorful food of this country.

With a very thorough chapter dedicated to spices, some common and others ones that you might not have heard of, Fernando guides readers through the intricacies and techniques of common dishes. His favorite go-to recommendation? The Chicken Curry recipe — both easy and delicious, it’s a dish his mother often prepared for him as a child. Watch the video above to learn more about the food, book, and spices and then try your hand at the recipes below.

Okra Curry

A popular vegetable in Sri Lankan cooking and in the South, okra tastes delicious when cooked in curries like this one. 






Deviled Shrimp or Squid

Make this dish with shrimp or squid, depending on your preference.







Chicken Curry

A great curry to dish to try for beginners.