Spotted In Brooklyn: Beard Covers In The Kitchen At Roberta's

There are few things more disgusting at a restaurant than working your way through a meal only to discover that a long, scraggly hair has been lurking inside it the whole time. It's also something that no kitchen wants to hear: that a customer's food had to be comped food because one cook didn't keep their head covered. Some kitchens make their chefs wear toques, others are cool with baseball caps, and some require everyone to wear hospital-grade hairnets. And at Roberta's, the uber-hip pizza restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and at Blanco, its high-end sister restaurant next door, not only are hairnets de rigueur, beard covers are, too.

We snapped this photo while inside the commissary kitchen that connects the two restaurants last weekend, and couldn't help but laugh. There are obviously enough guys who work in the kitchen who sport beards to make this a necessity, but we have a feeling that in most of the country the risk of beard hair getting into your food isn't much of an issue.