Spooky Halloween Treats for the Whole Class

These Halloween treats are perfect for sharing
Homemade Halloween Candy

Chefs dish on what candy they want to make for Halloween

Spooky Halloween Treats for the Whole Class


Your kid will be the class favorite when you send in fun Halloween treats, like this red velvet cake.

Halloween is more than just a day for celebrating the things that go bump in the night. The entire month of October is like one big Halloween parade. You're hosting costume parties, pumpkin carving parties, and you may even convert your home into a haunted house. While you're stocking up on Halloween candy and putting out the fall decor, your kids are getting ready to start a celebration of their own!

Every year, kids look forward to the Halloween classroom party. Since they began school, it's the first time they put down their pens and papers and get to really have some silly fun with their classmates. This of course means kids arrive to class on Halloween day with treats to share. Unfortunately that means adding a task (albeit a fun one) to your list.

But spooky Halloween treats can be tricky to pull off! Here are some ideas to help you make the kids smile and save you a bit of time!

Tori Spelling’s Glam Candy Corn Cupcakes

Tori Spelling's Glam candy Corn Cupcakes

Starburst Candy Corn

These cupcakes are decorated with candy corn.

Because parties really are all about the sweets, Tori Spelling shared some great tips with us for glamming up our average cupcakes.

For the Candy Corn Cupcakes recipe, click here.

Severed Fingers

Severed Fingers


These cookies look like severed fingers.

No, those aren't fingers in your candy bowl, they're delicious and buttery almond cookies! Serve this recipe at your next Halloween gathering to give your guests a scare.

For the Severed Finger recipe, click here.

Red Velvet Gore Cupcakes

Red Velvet Gore Cake


This red velvet cake is decorated for Halloween.

Boo! You don't have to wait until Halloween to make these festive and fun red velvet cakes. They're sure to be a hit with kids at birthday parties (and grown-ups, too)!

For the Red Velvet Gore Cupcakes recipe, click here.

Pumpkin SCREAM Cheese Cupcakes

Pumpkin SCREAM Cheese Cupcakes


These pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes are perfect for Halloween.

What is more perfect for Halloween than a pumpkin-flavored cupcake? The pumpkin purée (which has a similar consistency to applesauce) is actually the perfect ingredient to use as a substitute for oils and fats in baking. The end result is an incredibly moist cupcake that has the fiber and health of pumpkin without the fat and calories of oil. With such a healthy cream cheese cupcake, this recipe allows for a slight splurge on the frosting. To make it even more Halloween-friendly, add a couple drops of orange food dye and top with a green stem candy to make it look like a little pumpkin!

For the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cupcake recipe, click here.


This article was originally published on September 19, 2014.