Mia Hamm Talks Hotels and Chilaquiles

Find out what Hamm wants to eat on Mother's Day

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and mother of 3 opens up to us!

We’re tackling all things Mother’s Day so you can be prepared!

We have the best brunches in bed and a guide for the best place to dine for Mother's Day. We also have Mother’s Day Cocktails and ideas on great gifts in case you’re still looking for a present.

Most importantly, we want to give props to the great moms out there who are doing great things. One of those women is soccer superstar Mia Hamm. She was the first woman inducted into Mexico’s World Football Hall of Fame in 2013, and recently, this mother of three received an award just in time for Mother’s Day, by becoming Residence Inn's 2014 Resident Mom of the Year. We spoke briefly to the 42-year old, two-time Olympic Gold medalist on her award, her and her family’s travel needs, and what she’d love to eat on Mother’s Day!

The Daily Meal: You’re in the Football Hall of Fame and on FIFA's list of "125 Greatest Living Soccer Players”. What does being “Resident Mom of the Year” mean for you?

Mia Hamm: I’m very flattered. I know what it’s like to raise a family while working, multi-tasking, and traveling. I think it’s incredible that Resident Inn acknowledges moms on the road; it makes it easier for us and what we do. The company looks at our needs when we’re traveling, knowing we often put everyone else first. They help us by having yoga mats in the rooms so we can keep our fitness routines. They also provide full kitchens, because sometimes I don’t want to eat out. All I want is a PB&J sandwich! Now, I can easily make one.

The Daily Meal: Have you stayed at a Residence Inn prior to receiving this award?

Mia Hamm: My husband has stayed at a Residence Inn in Arizona, and my Team-First Soccer Academy will be staying in their hotels in Fresno, New Jersey, and Alaska during our camps in the next few weeks. We love the brand because the rooms are spacious enough that the staff and kids can stay in comfort. Value, space, location, and a good fitness facility are important to me. Manhattan's new Residence Inn has a fitness center with a great view. It’s also just four blocks from Central Park. That’s huge for us, because our twin daughter’s Ava and Grace (ages 7) and son Garrett (age 2) can run around!

The Daily Meal: What hotel amenities are important to your family?

Mia Hamm: If a hotel has a pool, that’s huge. My children always want to see the pool first because we don’t have one at home in California. Free WiFi is important, too. I love free WiFi because FaceTime is important for me to be in touch with my family while I’m on the road. Free breakfast is great, too. The Residence Inn offers that. I know they have yogurt and fresh fruit. The waffle station is a hit with my kids! They also like room service because they think it’s fun to eat in bed — like food just magically appears!

The Daily Meal: What would be your dream Mother’s Day meal?

Mia Hamm: We went to Mexico in October and had chilaquiles, which were so good. Chilaquiles with eggs over easy would be great for brunch. If you have a recipe you can share, send it to me!


We do have a recipe! Click here to see our Best Chilaquiles Recipes and a Happy Mother's Day to Mia and all Mothers!