So, There's an International Banana Museum

And it is ridiculous, but awesome, of course

Food museums have always been a weird source of trivia that we'd pull out on late nights when our friends are craving ramen ("There's a ramen museum in Japan!" we drunkenly shout), so here's another one to add to the list: Cool Hunting stopped by the International Banana Museum in Southern California.

The museum, in a squat little building in Mecca, Calif., reportedly houses "the largest collection of banana paraphernalia in the world," curated by Fred "Banana Mon" Garbutt.

It's a ridiculous and adorable little shop, with plenty of banana models, and Garbutt is sporting a banana-tastic outfit of yellow and green (complete with yellow glasses and a banana print shirt), but as Grub Street notes, the guy's enthusiasm is unbelievable.

There's banana Popsicles, banana sun tan lotions, banana gum, banana soda, banna punches, banana rhinoceros, banana nail polish, banana telephone (telephone!), and banana hair putty, among others.

The museum is still in development (Garbutt wants a patio outside), but eventually Garbutt wants ths museum to be a destination spot of some sorts. We're digging the glasses, and the color-coordinated buggy.



Cool Hunting Video Presents: The International Banana Museum from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.