So Now You Want to Be an Olympian? Start by Eating Like One

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Health expert Lisa Consiglio Ryan dishes on what now-aspiring Olympians should be fueling up on

So Now You Want to be an Olympian?

As the Olympics came to a close, after we mused over how much we'd missed the Spice Girls, many of us started reminiscing about old high school swim team meets, trophies from gymnastic competitions, and how much we love to run. 

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The Olympics are all about personal accomplishments, and throughout all of the gold medals, success stories, and glory, many of us were inspired and now want to pick up a new sporting hobby, or even start training to make it to the Olympics one day.

So of course, here at The Daily Meal, we immediately thought of food, and what we should be eating to become an Olympian. To find out, we turned to certified health counselor and founder of Whole Health Designs, Lisa Consiglio Ryan. With a passion for nutrition and fitness, Ryan knows a thing or two about what to eat when it comes to sports.

To make it simple, she’s taken a look at some of the Olympics’ most popular sports to break down what nutrients are important to eat for specific types of training, and even better, she gave us some recipes that we can enjoy before or after hitting the gym. These recipes are loaded with healthy ingredients and can be whipped up in a snap — and they taste pretty good, too. They’ll help fuel you for whatever endeavor you have in mind, whether it be Rio in 2016 or just a healthier lifestyle.

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