Pulling Some 'Sneaky’ Tricks to Make Your Barbecue Healthier

The Sneaky Chef Missy Chase Lapine turns her attention to the adult barbecue and offers some health-conscious tips

Healthy and Delicious Recipes

We all know her for her sly methods to get kids to eat well, but Missy Chase Lapine, otherwise known as "The Sneaky Chef," is finally giving some of her attention to the adults.

With summer upon us and get-togethers in full swing, many of us are on the hunt for ways to serve a delicious meal without forgoing our beach diet. In her first edition of e-cookbooks, BBQ: Health and Delicious Recipes From The Sneaky Chef, Lapine offers some stealth pieces of advice for how to serve mouthwatering summer meals that are not only good but good for you, too.

In her short and easy-to-download e-book, Lapine shares a collection of entrées, appetizers, salads, and desserts that are perfect for any summer occasion. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or feeding the family, you’ll feel good about serving these recipes because not only are they health-conscious but they don’t sacrifice flavor. Better yet, they’re all completed without turning on the oven, making them the perfect addition to your summer recipe collection.

Thinking of serving the perfect summer meal this summer? It’s time for you to get sneaky.


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