Snackshot Of The Day: Sour Cream Potato Salad

The Daily Meal's editors, contributors, and readers dig into some pretty great restaurants, festivals, and meals. There's not always enough time to give a full review of a restaurant or describe in depth why a place, its food, and the people who prepare it are noteworthy, so Snackshot of the Day does what photographs do best, rely on the image to do most of the talking.

Today's Snackshot is of potato salad. This simple recipe is made with red potatoes, sour cream (no mayo!), and chives. It's perfect when hosting a barbecue; toss this together so you can focus on what really matters: the grilling. This dish is sure to please all guests, even the staunch anti-mayonnaise folks. Just season with a little salt and pepper and it's ready to serve in 15 minutes.

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