Small Space, Big Party

While we all wish we could live in sprawling mansions, the reality is that most of us in bigger cities live in cramped apartments. Don't let a small space cramp your party style, though; there are simple ways to transform a tiny space into the perfect place for a party.

Move It: Rearranging furniture is a pain, especially after you've spent hours getting your living space just right. However, nothing kills a party faster than awkardly bumping into your coffee table or bookshelf. Shift furniture to the outer walls of the room and clear away bookshelves and coffee tables to make room for plates and cups.

Spread It Out: We know how much everyone loves to congregate in the kitchen. Spread the wealth and put platters out in different rooms; you'll find that people will mingle through rooms as they munch on puff pastries and other appetizers.

No Chairs, No Problem: Seating is tricky in a small space, but floor pillows or foot stools work just as well as chairs.

Cool It Down: A small space plus lots of people packed in equals one stink bomb of a room. Adjust your thermostat well in advance of the party; your guests will appreciate not having to strip down to bare bones just to stay comfortable.

Save Space: Nifty new products can help save more space; like tiered platters or buffet servers.

Keep It Simple: No need for 10 different dishes when you could make more of just three. A good variety, such as a caprese skewer, a mussel crostini, and a Cheddar tart for appetizers, will be just enough to keep guests satisfied. Same goes for cocktails: Rather than cluttering the space with a fully stocked home bar, try serving a signature cocktail or two types of wine instead.