Skylight Crumbles At Wolfgang Puck's Spago

Restaurant designers take note: Wolfgang Puck's Los Angeles hot spot Spago suffered some structural problems yesterday, when a glass skylight panel crumbled and dropped some glass into the main dining room, TMZ says.

Luckily, the panel didn't shatter; it just cracked and crumbled, and the safety netting held most of it together.

Small bits of glass rained down, but nobody was seriously injured, TMZ and the Hollywood Reporter noted. Customers were moved out onto the patio, and repairs are under way.

The panels were installed as part of the renovations before Spago's reopening last September. Wolfgang Puck himself was in the restaurant and came out to apologize, but some guests did get a "full shirt of glass, and my girlfriend got a little cut on the eye and the hand," guest Los Angeles chef Bernhard Mairinger told the Hollywood Reporter. No serious injuries have been reported, however, and Mairinger believes he and his girlfriend received the most glass.