Skinny Takes on Your Favorite Naughty Recipes

We took your favorite comfort foods and lightened them up

Planning a big meal for your man but don't want to be too bloated to do the deed? These decadent recipes are perfect for a big romantic meal, from appetizers to sides to entrées and desserts.

Valentine's Day is a worthy cheat day from your diet, though you won't need to with these recipes!

While you might be counting calories and shying away from fried foods, your dinner date might not be. Luckily, we've rounded up some decadent, naughty favorite recipes that you can make for Valentine's Day without breaking your diet (you know, the one you've definitely been keeping since New Year's).

These recipes, pasta and fries included, have all the flavor and less of the calories, meaning you can have your cake, eat it, and not have to worry about falling asleep from a food coma.

Click through our slideshow for Skinny Takes on Your Favorite Naughty Recipes. From skinny Alfredo pasta to chocolate chip cookies for dessert, these dishes will be decadence you won't regret (we cannot, unfortunately, say the same for that one night stand).

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— Brooke McLay, Babble