Skinny B*tch Moves From Diet Book to Fiction

Because that makes a lot of sense

Kim Barnouin

Sure, Anthony Bourdain can do all (fiction, movie, CNN commentary), but Kim Barnouin? Apparently the co-author of popular Skinny B*tch diet books has just signed on to write not one, but two novels.

The two-book deal was signed with Simon & Schuster’s Gallery imprint, and the first book will be titled Skinny B*tch in Love. The premise? "A vegan chef loses her job and her boyfriend in quick succession, then finds a new beginning after launching a vegan cooking school and falling for a meat-eating man," Publishers Weekly reports. (We imagine some philosophical debate over puppies and some convertions occur).

Barnouin, a former model and vegan, may be speaking from experience when writing the book. "I've been into food and diets and health for a number of years now and it's a huge part of my personal and professional life," she told us in an email. "The novel is kind of like a behind-the-scenes look at how someone got started following their dreams."

So why the crossover to fiction? "Last summer I was on vacation in La Jolla, Calif., sitting on the beach and I looked around and saw lots of women reading beach novels, and it just hit me... I want to be part of that fiction world," she said. "I was inspired by real-life struggles to starting your own business, following your dreams, and of course, all those fun relationship dramas!" File under summer beach reads to make you hungry.