Sippin' in Sustainable Style

Think green two times over when it comes to adding cocktails to your party menu

Your St. Patrick's day drink of choice doesn't have to be altered with bright green food coloring.

There are tons of healthy and organic recipes out there that taste delicious and look divine. Many of the green drink recipes we found contain amazing green foods like mint, avocado, granny smith apples, limes, jalapenos and tomatillos! If you want to lessen your hangover, make drinks with less processed sugars and additives and create amazing eco-chic cocktails with all natural ingredients.

You can keep your St. Patrick's Day celebration green in more ways than one by following these simple steps to eco-chic drinks: 

  • Use biodegradable straws, reused mason jars or products made from recycled glass.
  • You can also chill smooth stones and use them in place of ice for the perfect cocktail that won't get watered down.
  • Plus, you're conserving water used for ice cubes

Whatever drinks tickle your fancy, know that there's a sustainable option when serving any or all cocktails.