Simple Wine And Cheese Pairing Guide

In the world of wine today, there is no longer the simple choice between white and red when serving wine to guests at a party. There are countless varieties of wines out there, and even careers devoted to picking the perfect sip. Add the endless varieties of cheese to the mix, and you have a perplexing conundrum of options to choose from. Which wine pairs perfectly with which cheese? Will the sharp flavor of Parmesan contrast with intense merlot? Is mozzarella too subtle to pair with a chardonnay?

Well, fret no more, because here is a simple pairing guide courtesy of Love Letters to Home that clarifies which wine best complements the most commonly used party cheeses. So the next time you're setting up your wine and cheese appetizer display at your party, check out this guide and never stress about wine and cheese pairing again.

Brie — Chardonnay
Gouda- — Merlot
Sharp White Cheddar — Cabernet Sauvignon
Parmesan — Chianti
Gruyère — Sauvignon Blanc
Blue — Riesling
Ricotta — Pinot Grigio
Mozzarella — Sauvignon Blanc