Stressful Jobs Are Giving Women Diabetes

A new study found that work stress doubles the diabetes risk for women, but not men
Stressed Women
Christopher Robbins/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Well this isn't good; a new Canadian study published in Occupational Medicine found that women who stress about their jobs and have no control over their everyday agendas are at higher risk for diabetes.

In fact, the women with little to no control of what they do on the job had double the diabetes risk; men, however, were unaffected.

Stress itself caused hormonal changes in the body, and the results found that 19 percent of diabetes cases in women could be attributed to "low job control." That means stressful jobs cause more cases of diabetes than smoking, drinking, and not exercising.

Researcher Peter Smith told AFP that this is because "men and women react differently to workplace stress." Women, according to researchers, may be "more likely to turn to foods with higher fat and sugar content than men" when under stress, which means more unhealthy meals in general.

Obesity still causes more cases of diabetes than stressful jobs, but we're just going to put down this cookie just in case.