Shop Like The Royals: What's In The Royal Family's Shopping Cart?

It's time to celebrate the queen's 60-year reign on the throne by heading to the supermarket and liquor store. In honor of the Queen's Jubilee, The Daily Meal has compiled a shopping list of foods and drinks officially used by the royal household.

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Perhaps surprisingly, the royal pantry and bar are stocked with items that can be found in most supermarkets. All the items that make it into the queen's shopping cart are formally endorsed by the royal household in the form of royal warrants.

Royal warrants are recognition granted to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services for a minimum of five consecutive years to the queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, or the Prince of Wales. Each of these members of the royal family can grant only one warrant to any individual business, but a business may hold warrants from more than one member of the royal family.

The royal warrant allows the grantee or company to use the legend "By Appointment" and display the royal coat of arms on its products. Some companies, like Nestlé, have held their grants for more than 100 years, and even some foreign brands have made the cut.

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A royal warrant is initially granted for five years, after which time it comes up for review by the Royal Household Tradesmen's Warrants Committee. In certain cases, warrants may not be renewed if the quality or supply for the product or service is insufficient.

Since the Middle Ages, tradesmen like watchmakers, rat catchers, and spirits-makers who have acted as suppliers of goods and services to the royal family have received formal recognition.
There are approximately 800 companies with royal warrants for products ranging from soft drinks to stationery to hats.

So to help you eat and drink like the royals, The Daily Meal has made a handy shopping map and shopping list of products with royal warrants. Click on the map to see where you can buy food and drinks officially used and endorsed by the royal family. Each location has the shop name, address, and what items you can buy to eat royally.

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Additional reporting by Colleen Laughlin