What Oscar Winners Will Eat At The 2013 Governors Ball

With awards season well underway and most of the ceremonies under our belts (see you later Golden Globes, you too SAG Awards), now it's onto the main event: the Academy Awards.

See what chef Wolfgang Puck is serving up at the 2013 Governor's Ball!

For us, that means marking our ballots, dreaming up themed menus for our favorite Best Picture nominees, playing award speech drinking games, and of course, commenting on the best and worst fashion choices.

For Wolfgang Puck, the arrival of the Oscars on Feb. 24 means an entirely different thing: The renowned chef has a job to do, as this will be his 19th year as the official chef of the Governors Ball.

Serving up style, taste, and panache after the extravagant ceremonies, Puck's menu includes fresh takes on current culinary trends as well as his signature items like his mini Kobe burgers, pizzas, and Oscar peanut butter cookies.

What does Puck have up his sleeve this year? A menu inspired by small-plate entertaining, rather than large format, family-style meals.

Even after almost two decades of catering this event, Puck keeps his menu on trend with what's hot in Hollywood.