9 Secrets To Low-Calorie Cocktails

Let's be honest, the idea that you were going to wake up on New Year's Day and kick-off that resolution to eat better and kill the carbs was a bit unrealistic. (Because if we're being really honest, you were probably still hungover from the night before, and wound up making yourself a big bacon, egg and cheese sandwich).

Also unrealistic is the notion that the habitual cocktail drinker on a diet has to forgo their go-to entirely. From Mimosas to Bloody Marys, there are several well-known cocktails that work for someone following a low-calorie regimen. Perhaps more useful than memorizing the list of low-calorie cocktail options is knowing how to make your drink more calorie-conscious (unless of course you favor Long Island Iced Tea, which packs a staggering 780 calories).

To help those who still want to be able to imbibe while they're slimming down, we've put together guidelines with helpful hints on how to create low-cal cocktails.

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