Second Heart Attack Reported at Heart Attack Grill

Owner says the restaurant attracts 'risk-takers'

First it was the Triple Bypass Burger, now it's the Double Bypass, a double-patty beef burger between two lard-covered buns — the Heart Attack Grill, located in Las Vegas, keeps the physical ailments coming. 

A woman suffered an apparent heart attack at the restaurant this week, while munching on the Double Bypass. Although she was taken out by an ambulance while unconcious, she is expected to make a full recovery, reports KNTV. It's the second time in three months that a diner has experienced a heart attack. 

Owner Jon Basso told media he was relieved the woman would recover, but reiterated the theme of the restaurant — well, death. After all, the joint's motto is "Taste worth dying for." Said Basso to the Los Angeles Times, "We attract an avant-garde clientele — thrill seekers, risk takers," — including those who  "don’t really take good care of their health." (Basso noted that the woman also was smoking and drinking a margarita during the incident.) And patrons who weigh more than 350 pounds get to eat for free, reports MSNBC

So what does the heart attack-inducing burger include, exactly? The biggest of them all, the Quadruple Bypass Burger, is "four half-pound beef patties, eight slices of American cheese, a whole tomato, and half an onion served in a lard-coated bun," according to KNTV. The calorie count clocks in at more than 8,000.