In Season: Spring Onions

What is a spring onion? Spring onions look like overgrown scallions, with a larger, rounded bulb at the base. Outside of the United States, the terms spring onions and scallions are used interchangeably, but if an American recipe specifies spring onions, it's probably referring to the vegetable with the larger bulb as opposed to the scallion.

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Spring onions are generally available in May and June, but may be available earlier depending on where you live. Spring onions have a sweeter, less pungent flavor than regular mature onions, and are sold with the green tops, which can be used in much the same way as the green tops of scallions.

Use spring onions anywhere scallions are called for, and try roasting the bulbs on their own for a unique springtime treat, or simply coating them in a bit of olive oil and sea salt before placing on the grill.

To spark some further inspiration for this seasonal ingredient, we've rounded up some great recipes from chefs, cookbook authors, and recipe developers around the country. To see what they've cooked up, check out the slideshow.

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