Scott Disick Serving at RYU Restaurant Window Saturday

They're launching a new 'Snack Window' and really want people to be there

Just in case you forgot that Kardashian Beau Scott Disick is in the restaurant business, here's another promo opportunity for him to tout his foodiness.

RYU, Disick's restaurant with the Fatty Crab crew, is l aunching a new "Snack Window," probably an invention after they went to Craigslist for sassy cooks.

So they're touting new Asian-y small plates, like "J-Pop" tempura shrimp baguette, pork tonkatsu sandwich, a teriyaki cheesesteak, and waffle fries with wasabi kewpie. The latter goes for $6, while the most pricy sandwich is $12, so it's an under-$20 range. But that's not the important part.

The important part is this: According to a press release, the "foodie peep show will premiere Saturday, Sept. 8... [and] to celebrate the opening, Scott Disick himself will be serving at the window on Saturday at 2 p.m." So if you ever want to see a member of Kardashian royalty working a fast-food-esque window, now's your chance. Get on it. (Also, check out Disick looking like he's plating a dish to the left. Real or fake? You decide).