Scientists Create Healthy Pizza

Pizza is definitely not a vegetable, but some scientists say you can eat this pizza every day

Pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers might top the list of the worst foods ever (for your health, we mean), but looks like science will take pizza right off that list.

A Scottish team of scientists have developed a "nutritionally balanced pizza," they claim. "The pizzas are said to contain 30 percent of an adult's guideline daily amount of vitamins and minerals," BBC reports, not to mention a third of the recommended calories, protein, and carbs a day.

The trick? Red pepper in the tomato sauce for vitamin C, a touch of full-fat mozzarella, and some seaweed in the dough. "So we used [seaweed] as a way of reducing the salt level. The sodium content of seaweed is about 3.5 percent compared to 40 percent in salt. There's iodine in there, vitamin B12, all sorts of things. And the flavor is excellent as well," Donnie MacLean of Eat Balanced told BBC.

Looks like MacLean and professor/nutritionist Mike Lean is commercializing their healthy pizzas (probably just in Scotland for now), but next up they're working on fish and chips, as well as curry.

Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.