Science Explains Butter Vs. Margarine Debate

Even though we imagine the French will be all, "Butter all the way, yo," and vegans will cringe and say, "Vegan butter's the way to go," we keep getting controversial arguments in the butter vs. margarine debate.

Luckily, ASAP Science is here to talk you through both sides. The pros ofbutter: The fat is all-natural and usually made of cow's milk and nothing else. The cons? There are 35 calories in one tablespoon,and it contains high levels of saturated fat. Sad.

Margarine has less saturated fat, but typically margarines tend to have more trans fats, which lower good cholesterol and raise bad cholesterol. You just can't win.

Watch the full video below for both sides of the argument, which might just make you want to never eat butter or margarine ever again. On the bright side, butter has vitamins A and E? Then again, you can always try the 'ole avocado swap out. We've heard good things.