A Savory Roasted Tomato Tart And More Recipes

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections across the country.

LA Times
How to break down peppers.

NY Times
Red wine honey cakes? Sold. Just toss on seasonal plums and we're good to go.

SF Chronicle
For the weekend, mix up this smoky mescal drink, lightened with fruit juices and sweetened with port.

You can never go wrong with roasted tomatoes, but toss them on a buttery tart and you've won our hearts.

Chicago Tribune
Take it easy and just sauté some eggplants this summer.

Seattle Times
Prosciutto, canteloupe, and orechiette salad: A classic combination done right.

Kitchen Daily
Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables by making a "vegetable ceviche," marinating the season's best picks in a bright lime juice dressing.

Portland Press Herald
We can hardly stand the thought of losing our summer peaches soon, so make this maple-vanilla-peach jam to prolong the season.

Washington Post
A smoked whitefish spread is one of the best things ever; try this version of the spread with apple cream and chives.

Wall Street Journal
Hit almost every letter in the alphabet with these six refreshing juice recipes.