Sandwich of the Week: Dean & Deluca's The Black and White

A versatile egg sandwich is served in Soho

The pumpernickel bread is the delicious ingredient that makes Dean & Deluca's Black and White a perfect choice for your first meal of the day.

There are those mornings when the usual pastry, bagel, or granola bar just isn’t enough to get you going. So begins the search for a breakfast item that’s hearty, yet light enough to keep you working through the morning without hitting a food comma before noon. Luckily for the professionals of New York, the answer to this predicament is The Black and White breakfast sandwich, served at the SoHo location of Dean & Deluca.

For most of us, the phrase “egg sandwich” conjures visions of a greasy layering of fried eggs with processed cheese and sodium-laden meat on a pillow-like roll. The chefs at Dean & Deluca don’t think your breakfast should threaten your life, so they have made a healthy and delicious alternative that is comprised of made-to-order scrambled egg whites with slices of fresh avocado and tomato, served between their signature pumpernickel bread.

This sandwich really has it all when it comes to morning fare—the eggs deliver much needed protein that will stick with you for hours, while the fresh avocado and tomato lends fiber, as well as natural sweet and savory flavors to your first meal of the day. The real secret to the breakfast item, however, is the hearty pumpernickel bread that’s light enough to keep you from feeling like you just carbo-loaded for your marathon of meetings, yet satisfactorily substantial so as to actually deliver some nutritional value and keep the sandwich from disintegrating, minimizing the crumbs left on your desk. The delicate balance of sound sustenance and fresh flavors achieved by The Black and White makes it a suitable choice for all seasons and frankly all times of the day, but beware: the kitchen switches over to lunch at 11 a.m., so make sure to get your fill of this delicious and helpful start-of-the-day menu item before the morning gets away from you.

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