Safeway Moves to Sell Crate-Free Pork

Plus, Humane Society releases video from pork production facility

McDonald's and Burger King began to lead the way last month after announcing new standards for pork products, and Safeway is doing the same. The supermarket chain announced that it intends to stop selling pork products from animals in gestation crates.

The company said they will start sourcing more sustainable pork products, but that changes to the system could take "a very long time." As Reuters reports, gestation crates are used to confine pregnant hogs and sows so they are unable to move.

The announcement, coming from the fifth-largest supermarket chain in the country, sent waves through the agribusiness and animal cruelty communities. The pork industry replied back saying Safeway was bullied by animal groups to change its practices, which in turn affects production costs and prices for the consumer.

However, the Humane Society applauded the move — and released a video today to prove their point. The group released a video filmed at the Wyoming Premium Farms, which shows sick and dead animals, as well as animal abuse to piglets and pregnant sows. The group claims the farm is a supplier to Tyson Foods, but Tyson has denied the claims.