Rules for Regifting

Don’t like that gourmet gift basket or bottle of wine? What you should know before passing it along
Rules for Regifting

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This week’s question: When it comes to regifting, what is acceptable and what isn’t?

Coryanne: No one ever admits to regifting, but we all do it. However, some of us are better at it than others. The key rule to remember is to never let anyone know it’s a regifted item. It only hurts feelings and makes you look thoughtless. To avoid this, I do not regift in the same circles, never immediately regift an item, and always make sure that a regifted item is a genuine fit for the next person. Silly as it sounds, I always take extra care when wrapping a regifted item. It somehow soothes the conscience and makes me feel less of a scrooge when I do so.  

Mindy: My word of advice when it comes to regifting is to think before giving. Ask yourself, “Where did I get this? When did I get this? Is there a chance that I’m giving it to the person who gave it to me?” Can you imagine? Just make sure that what you are giving looks new and hasn’t been used. All gifting should be done with a thoughtful heart, rather than trying to give as little or spend as little as possible!

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