Ruffles Targets Men with New Flavors

Ruffles has launched new chips and dips, specifically geared toward men with spicy flavors and real meat

Smokehouse BBQ

Ruffles is looking to gear their newest products towards men.

They have launched new flavors of chips and dips specifically targeting men, according to the Huffington Post

Ruffles Ultimate Potato Chips and Dips launched in May. The launch introduced three new chips: Original, Kickin’ Jalapeno Ranch, and Sweet & Smokin’ BBQ. 

New dips were launched, as well. The “hardcore chips for hardcore dips” tagline refers to two new dip flavors: Beef N’ Cheddar and Smokehouse Bacon. 

The Beef N’ Cheddar is the only product not yet on the market. It will launch in July. 

A Ruffles ad for the Ultimate chips and dips shows a woman attending a poker night with the guys. She appears to get manlier as she eats the chips and dip. 

Ruffles isn’t the only company making gender-specific foods. Campbell’s soup added two new spicy flavors to its Chunky soup line: Chipotle Chicken and Corn Chowder and Jammin’ Jerk Chicken. The company is targeting men with these new, bolder flavors. 

Dr. Pepper has created a new 10-calorie drink, and its ad campaign has specifically said it is "not for women." The campaign hopes to finally create a diet drink that appeals to men. 

Carl’s Jr. has also been known to target men, but using more sensual tactics. This Kate Upton Carl’s Jr. commercial was shown during this year’s Superbowl. Kim Kardashian’s ad is a little more toned down, but still plays up the sex appeal. 

There seems to be a general consensus for many of these male-targeted advertisers: men like it spicy.