Ricky Eisen's Tips For Hosting A Garden Party

Ricky Eisen, the celebrated Manhattan event planner and founder of Events & Celebrations by Between the Bread, has hosted many events in her 30-plus years in the business. And now she is spilling her tricks of the trade to The Daily Meal yet again, this time focusing on garden parties. With the weather finally getting warmer and those little buds in the garden blossoming a bit more every day, why not celebrate with a little get-together?

Here are some of Eisen's suggestions for celebrating spring in the fresh outdoors:


When spring arrives, everyone is eager to be outside and enjoy the warm weather so host the party in a garden, patio area, or around a pool. Don't have an outdoor area? Bring the outdoors in via décor and be sure to open the windows to let in the fresh air!



Use flowers as centerpieces, at place settings, and throughout the party area to make an event festive. A money-saving alternative is to use silk flowers, which bring the spring theme to life and can be used year after year. For the décor, stick with light colors that complement the outdoor space and the chosen flowers.


Plan games or other activities that get guests up and out of their seats. Bocce ball, badminton, and croquet are challenging and fun games that will get everyone mingling.



With the warmer weather, choose lighter fare for the menu, and if you have a BBQ take advantage of it.  Create a signature drink and leave out all the ingredients, allowing guests to mix their own. Instead of ice cubes that melt and can water down a drink, use frozen fruit.



Let guests bring the spring home by giving everyone a small mason jar with dirt, a packet of seeds, and instructions on how to take care of their new plant.