Richard Blais’ 3 Labor Day Disaster Tips

What to do to avoid a disastrous Labor Day
Heidi Geldhauser of Our Labor of Love Photography

Chef Blais knows how to keep the Labor Day party going!

The guests are arriving, the grill is cooking, and... you smell fire! Grilling disasters l are all too common when it comes to cooking out. It's easy to get sidetracked catching up with old friends or act in such a rush that we miss important preparation steps. As a busy host, it is imperative that you go over the details of your holiday bash with a fine-tooth comb, and we know just the person who can help make your day a breeze.

Richard Blais, celebrity chef, restaurateur, cookbook author,  and host of YouTube's Tasted channel's Burger Lab,  knows a thing or two about accessible grilling recipes, tips, and of course, disasters. From day-before tips to day-of-disaster strategies, chef Blais can help! Follow his tips for a labor-less Labor Day.

Prepare ahead:

People tend to leave everything for the day of the event, thinking that they'll get the freshest result that way. However, hosts should think like a chef and prepare ahead so that your grocery list is organized and you don't have to stay in the kitchen for your entire barbecue. Prepare everything that you can before the actual day of the event, so that all that needs to be done are the final stages of the dish. Additionally, prepping ahead of time ensures that you'll have no last-minute disasters — no missing ingredients, missed recipe steps, or overcooked dishes!

Spice it up:

Home cooks often fall into a routine of cooking the same dishes for each barbecue. Don't be afraid to spice it up! Instead of using beef, change it up for lamb, bison, etc. Skip the standard coleslaw and potato salad and offer guests side dishes, desserts, and signature cocktails that your guests will remember. Also, meat isn't the only thing that can be grilled — offer guests something healthy but delicious with grilled vegetables, grilled bread, etc.

Watch your heat:

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For a cooking-related disaster, we've all been to the barbecue where the host puts the meat on the grill and gets caught up in conversation for a little bit too long, resulting in some rock-hard, burnt burgers. Stay by the grill, and also watch your heat and cook meat on cooler parts of the grill to avoid overcooking.