A New York Seafood-Focused Restaurant Invites Us To Flex Our Brunch Mussels

There are ordinary mussels, and then there are mussels Parma.

The new weekend brunch menu at Flex Mussels offers these and other fun preparations that we highly suggest sopping up with the everything bagel donuts filled with scallion cream cheese.

Other dishes on the menu appeal to sweet, savory, and robust flavor palates, like the Shelly Benedictowitz (a salmon and potato pancake creation), the jalapeno cheddar waffle, and the succulent lobster roll that you can tell at first glance is fresh out of the water.

A few of the specialty cocktails offered include rosé sangria, and the Bearded Clam with clamato, beer and lime.

The menu was imagined by Flex's executive chef Michael Sullivan and Flex Mussels owner, Alexandra Shapiro, who explained that they "wanted to create something truly different and special for our loyal customers, as well as for New Yorkers who haven't tried us out yet, by putting a 'Flex' spin on brunch classics."

Shapiro can easily rattle off a list of her local purveyors: breads are from Sullivan Street and Orwashers, the mussels hail straight from Prince Edward Island, the lobster for the lobster roll comes from Homarus (where they are brought down from Maine daily), and goat cheese and ricotta come from "a nice old farmer lady" at the Union Square Farmers Market.

So, the next time you crave seafood for brunch and want to expand your culinary horizons beyond oysters on the half shell, head over to Flex Mussels—their version of a leisurely weekend meal is both delicious and delightful.