New York City's Chinatown Ice Cream Factory Features Inventive Flavors With an Asian Twist

Since 1978, this scoop shop has been offering flavors that range from the exotic, like pandan, to vanilla or chocolate
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Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

When your Plain Jane ice cream flavors aren't cutting it, head to this Chinatown treasure for flavors like lychee and red bean.

Bored of ice cream flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry? Then stop by the Chinese Ice Cream Factory, a unique sugar shop that's been around for almost 30 years. This shop has managed to combine an American favorite — ice cream — with a delicious, "exotic Chinese twist."

As one of Chinatown’s oldest businesses, it's often referred to as an unofficial landmark. It offers a giant selection of flavors, both lesser known, though equally fantastic flavors with Asian origins, as well as more traditional flavors like Oreo cookie and rocky road.

Inventive offerings you won't find at most ice cream shops include: almond cookie, Chinese almond cookies from the Famous Fung Wong Bakery soaked and blended into an icy treat; black sesame ice cream with black sesame seeds (love!); don tot, a light creamy Chinese egg custard; durian, a fruit known for its pungent yet tasty flavor; red bean, a Chinese sweet bean; ube, otherwise known as purple yam (one of my favorite flavors of all time!), and the very popular, Zen Butter, a peanut butter ice cream with toasted sesame seeds.

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New flavors are constantly in rotation and range from chocolate lavender and caramel bacon swirl to green tea Oreo, lychee rose, and the indulgent Filipino dessert-turned-ice cream flavor, Halo Halo. This place knows how to make innovative flavor combinations that are always surprisingly fantastic.

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