The Mulberry Project: Just What You Want In New York City

Whether you've been to New York City or not, just about everyone knows Little Italy for its amazing Italian restaurants. While all of those restaurants serve delicious food (and potentially more importantly, delicious gelato), there's a hidden gem that you have to check out.

The Mulberry Project is in the heart of Little Italy, but you'll have to be on the lookout for it. There is no sign to acknowledge that trendy cocktail bar exists; there is only a bouncer outside that makes it seem like you would need to know a password just to get in. Luckily you don't, and what awaits you is truly an experience.

You walk down a flight of stairs and into a dimly lit bar with creative bartenders who are ready to make any drink you asked for. Not even kidding, our bartender almost made us an avocado-garnished cocktail that is not on the menu. Talk about great customer service.

Instead of taking the bartender up on his kind offer, we checked out the menu as we waited for our table in the awesome outdoor seating area. It's an open space surrounded by people who just want to do the same thing as you: drink good drinks with good people.

Even though you'd probably go to Mulberry Project for the cocktails, the food menu is also something to stay for. Whether you're just getting the chips and guacamole, or getting a delicious entrée like their chicken breast, their food menu will keep you full and satisfied.

Every cocktail sounded delicious, but there are two in particular you have to try. One is the Christy Mack, which is a tequila-based cocktail with a watermelon garnish. I'm not a big watermelon fan, but the combination of the watermelon and the tequila made it unique and delicious.

The other is called the Crawl Away, and it is certainly not a drink you want to crawl away from. This Kummel Liqueur drink is delicious and with a kick from the chipotle-infused Herradura Reposado. It makes for an amazing combination that you never thought you wanted and will be thrilled to have.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out this awesome spot, and tweet us at @thedailymeal to let us know what you think!