This Chemical Engineer Discovered the Perfect Formula for Hummus in Austin

Chef Nikki Kaya serves healthy and fresh foods at her café and at your neighborhood grocery store

The signature Grandma's Humus is a Mediterranean treat that will fascinate your taste buds.

Trained in French Culinary School, Chef Nikki Kaya from Istanbul, also known as The Mediterranean Chef, was a chemical engineer by trade. She has been featured by Food Network’s Healthy Eats and the Austin Chronicle.  With experience working in both Swiss and American nutritional analysis laboratories, chef Kaya perfected a Middle Eastern family recipe.

Chef Kaya has an impressive international background and the knowledge of what it take to transform fresh garbanzo beans, vibrant swirls of paprika, infused olive oil, well-balanced tangy citrus, garlic, and sea salt, into a properly textured hummus. The discovery of the flawless formula of Grandma’s Humus, yes with one “m,” has become a chilled dip that hits the spot and satisfies a true Austinite’s craving during hot Texas summers.

The appetizer sampler tastes as gorgeous as it looks. Let’s start our journey clockwise with dolmas (grape leaves), tabuleh (parsley and cracked wheat salad), tzaziki sauce, beet salad, and of course the award winning hummus, centered by babaganus (eggplant dip), with a side of  warm pita bread.

The ingredients are extremely fresh and made with produce harvested by local farmers and purveyors. For the affordable price of $5, snag a tub of chef Kaya’s creations including the tabuleh, babaganus, and Grandma’s Humus. These goods are conveniently available at your neighborhood Whole Foods Market, H-E-B , Royal Blue Grocery, Wheatsville, and Food Co-op. When tradition meets chemistry, add a dash of culinary passion, the unforeseen end result was absolutely weird, but magically delicious.

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