Brunch At New York City's Wallflower: A Stand-Out Meal

Once you get to know a "wallflower," all sorts of wonderful secrets are revealed.

At least, that's the way that owner Jason Soloway sees it, which is why he chose the name for his petite venue tucked away on a side street in the West Village.

The decor is warm, comfortable, and full of subtle floral elements. The ceiling, for one, is covered with flowery tiles and painted gold by, as Soloway described him, "some dude from Brooklyn that didn't like to wear shoes, but knew his way around a paint brush and charged a lot of money" to warmly reflect the candlelight in the restaurant.

As for the food, new executive chef Derrick Paez has designed a sumptuous brunch menu that can easily be coursed out for a leisurely two-hour meal.

Start with the homemade pain perdu made with drunken cream, Nutella, and strawberry jam; the dish is decadent, but not nauseatingly sweet. All of that sugar will surely make you crave the more savory bacon quesadilla, which is neat, clean, and flavorful, not your typical Mexican take-out item.

Or, you can to opt for the omelet, which is like cutting into a fluffy sleeping bag made of eggs that hold a compote of tomatoes and olives inside.

If you order just one thing though, make sure it's the roasted half lobster made with sauce Américaine, creamy grits, and smoked cherry tomatoes. While the seasoning is very simple, those ingredients somehow create a velvety chocolate sauce.

The restaurant is celebrating their two-year anniversary on October 22, so be sure to stop by and say congrats — but please, keep your shoes on.